JOY: Journey of You

JOY: Journey of You

K10Yoga Outreach Ambassador: J.O.Y Journey Of You

joyसेवा दूतक

Meet Suzanne, owner of J.O.Y, Journey of You! She is a part of the K10Yoga Outreach team and todays featured Service Ambassador! She has moved so gracefully through life and has created this amazing organization to give back to the Winston Salem community.

“Welcome lovely soul, come and explore all you can be by rediscovering, reinventing and reawakening YOU. I’m Suzanne, your yoga teacher, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. Journey of You was born through my own journey of rediscovery and reawakening.

After working in the advertising world for 18 years and then staying at home with my young children, I had somehow lost myself along the way. I needed to find myself again and I embarked on my own personal journey of rediscovery.

By finding strength in gratitude and hope I was able to let go of my past adversities and move forward on my journey.
I want to use my personal experience to help other women find their JOY. Through movement and nourishment of the mind, body and soul, my dream is for women to uncover their authentic selves and find their own awesomeness to shine in the best version of themselves.”

One of my favorite things about Suzanne is her willingness to dig deep, she doesn’t give up. She knows the balance of effort and ease and is willing to stand in the midst of tapas. She has put her heart and soul into the JOY Foundation and what she makes goes back in to offer scholarship and funding for more workshops. She is an facilitator for the Embody Love Movement and is offering an Inspirational Workshop in February.

If you are ready to be transformed by rediscovering, reinventing and reawakening your JOY Contact Suzanne today! Find out more about her classes, workshops and offerings on her website: Journey of You let her know K10Yoga sent you!