Announcing K10Yoga Outreach!

Announcing K10Yoga Outreach!

k10yoga outreachWhat is K10Yoga Outreach?!

K10Yoga is happy to announce its new Outreach Program!! You may know K10Yoga as a source for yoga classes, workshops and yoga teacher training programming, now you can add outreach to the list!

Recently K10Yoga was approved as a 300 hr School offering an advanced yoga teacher training program. With this new school K10Yoga Outreach was born. Graduates from a K10Yoga school who focus their teachings on serving a special population will automatically be featured. Other instructors will have the opportunity to submit their programs to be featured. This 300hr advanced yoga teacher training is geared towards service and each graduate will also graduate with an additional certification giving them the ability to teach to a special population of their choice.

Check out the list of current Outreach Classes

K10Yoga Outreach aims to feature students who are intentionally serving another person or population through yoga. As we develop what our roots are through the grounding practice of yoga, we can begin to rise up to that potential and then reach out to serve other populations from an organic and authentic space. As the world of yoga is ever changing and becoming more popularized by instagram photos and expectations that our bodies look a certain way, bend a certain way and so on… we need to remember the heart of what brought us to the mat in the first place. Its almost impossible to take a philosophically true yoga class and not feel something sweet and special. To feel a deeper connection with our own bodies, to feel an extra ounce of self love or piece of humbled pie, we all have our why as to what brings us to the mat. As yoga teachers we have the moment when students thank us for class and let us know how it impacted them in one way or another.

Imagine if you were in jail, adult or juvenile, if you were an addict in short or long term recovery, if you were an adolescent teen struggling with self love and body image, a pregnant mom to be experiencing the new experiences of life… even a kid or senior where a vinyasa flow class just doesn’t cut it and you need a class geared a little more towards your age… there is a huge list of populations who could benefit from yoga, and yoga teachers have the tools to share their passion. For those who choose to bless additional populations outside of a general yoga studio with the joys and benefits of yoga, consider yourself thanked from the bottom of a heart you may know nothing about.

There is a certain magic behind yoga, whether we give or receive the benefits of yoga, every population should have the opportunity to experience its charm. This is K10Yoga Outreach!

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