K10Yoga Gives Back

K10Yoga Gives Back

K10Yoga Gives Back

yoga gives backPart of the mission at K10Yoga is to give back to the community and to the world. If we continue to take, the ego and greed begin to rule. We must remember to serve our communities and the collective in whatever modality we can. I’m happy to have built an organization that keeps this in mind with all of its actions. As 2017 quickly comes to a close, it’s important to note what changes have happened and how we are able to give back through yoga! This year presented a number of opportunities to give back. It all started with the Embody Love Movement. I was able to become a facilitator and a facilitator trainer for nationally recognized Embody Love Movement under the direction of Dr. Melody Moore. An organization featured in National Geographic for its work on bringing women and girls an opportunity to tune into their authentic selves, to commit to kindness, celebrate their inner beauty, and contribute to meaningful change in the world. In addition to offering this workshop into the Winston Salem area, we were also able to graduate SEVEN new facilitators of this work into the world, with reach now all the way into Georgia! ELM workshops are popping up everywhere including our local school system, girl scout troops, and universities!

Additionally, K10Yoga Teacher Training has been in full swing. What a great year with some amazing yogis sharing their love across the city, state, country and world! With the addition of an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training this year, even more service has developed. On a micro scale, K10Yoga Teacher Training aims to develop yoga teachers who offer great classes for the community, are inspired to be involved in the community and to give back. This is evidenced by the listing of classes on this page alone. Ninety percent of the classes listed are offered by K10Yoga Alumni. On a macro scale, we are giving back from each Yoga Teacher Training program. In the past we have given to the Salaam Balak Trust in India, going forward we are donating to Earthchild Project in Cape Town, South Africa. For just $15 we can offer a weeks worth of yoga to a child in Cape Town for ONE year!

On the horizon, there are conversations in the works to hopefully add Yoga for Veterans, Yoga Class & Conversation for Resiliency, and more Kids based yoga workshops. I’m so happy to have the K10Yoga CoOp space to work out of these days. If you haven’t visited, we are located at 469 W End Blvd in Winston Salem inside of Jasper & Fern. Speaking of, Jasper & Fern offers portrait sessions, massage therapy and a single booth salon. Workshops and collaborations include mini wellness sessions, arts based healing, lots of laughter, and an all around great vibe, plus yoga of course!

I hope you will join our community, K10Yoga and its local affiliates have offered affordable community classes and life changing workshops to 1,850 people this year. Earthchild Project has offered yoga to 3,500 and 300 teachers this year. As a collective, including new K10Yoga Teachers that is 5,672 people whos lives have been impacted just this year!

What a blessing! Thank you to all of the K10Yoga Alumni, affiliates and recipients of this great work. It is overwhelming to know how much positive change is happening in the world. We are inundated daily with what is wrong in the world, but this, this is what is good in the world! Lets keep up the work for 2018, I’m excited to see what all it holds!


In love and light,